“If they know, they will go”! Once a month, we will send out an e-Pop newsletter that go out to your customers. We design a beautiful, easy to read newsletter, with attractive pictures and bullet points that quickly let your customer know whats going on with your business. If they are interested, they may click a button and connect straight to you!

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e-Pop Newsletters

We design a beautiful electronic newsletter with pictures and bullet points to grab their attention. It goes straight into their inbox and allows them to click a button and reach you directly! Simplicity and effectiveness!

We know:

here are 4 things we know when we send out your newsletters because we have the analytics !

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Top of mind awareness has always been the key to a successful business. With the "hit or miss" style traditional marketing, the budget could drain the business. With Fresh Marketing Technologies, we can engage your targeted audience and connect them to you with a click of a button! It's as simple as that!